2018 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese

Joh. Jos. Prüm, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer
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93 / 100

Mosel Fine Wines: The 2018er Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese offers a nose of honeyed melon, lemongrass, apricot blossom, almond cream, and herbs. The wine is beautifully complex and subtle on the overall slightly round and ripe palate. A kick of zest adds structure to the finish of this Auslese GK styled wine. 2028-2053. - Okt. 2019

93 / 100

Vinous: Scents of quince and apple jelly are accompanied by a surprisingly greenhouse-like evocation of diverse flowers and foliage. I say “surprisingly” because many of the Prüm 2018s deliver an especially heady, sweet, and often even decadent sort of floral perfume. Honeydew and Persian melons supply extremely ripe yet freshly juicy fruit that, when combined with the confitured quince and apple, make for an exceedingly luscious midpalate impression, reinforced by textural gloss and prominent but not excessive sweetness. The finish lingers impressively, reprising a welcome inner-mouth hint of flower shop. Look for this to deliver much more in future and to enjoy at least the typical ageworthiness of a Prüm Wehlener Auslese, if not more. (There is also an auctioned bottling of Sonnenuhr Auslese – A.P. #18 – which I did not have an opportunity to taste.) - David Schildknecht, Aug. 2020

Jahrgang: 2018
Herkunftsland: Deutschland
Region: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer
Lage: Wehlener Sonnenuhr
VDP Klassifizierung: VDP. Grosse Lage
Prädikatsstufe: Auslese
Rebsorte: Riesling
Volumen: 0,75l
Farbe: Weiß
Geschmack: süß
Alkohol: 8% Vol.
Kennzeichnung: enthält Sulfite
Abfüller:Weingut Joh. Jos. Prüm GdBr, Uferallee 19, 54470 Bernkastel-Wehlen, Deutschland

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