2015 Nierstein Pettenthal Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese Goldkapsel Versteigerung

2015 Nierstein Pettenthal Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese Goldkapsel Versteigerung

Klaus Peter Keller, Rheinhessen
Internationale Bewertung
  • 98 / 100 Wine Advocate
  • 98 / 100 Mosel Fine Wines
  • 96 / 100 Vinous
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98 / 100

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate: Along with the Hipping, the 2015 Nierstein Pettenthal Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese Gold Capsule is the first TBA Keller has produced from Nierstein. The nose shows exotic fruit aromas along with fresh and flinty mineral, iron-loaded notes of the red slate. This is a highly noble, elegant and terribly sweet, but highly refined and finesse-full TBA. It reveals a long and refreshingly piquant and salty finish. This is another gorgeous sweet wine from Keller that is a bit to sweet in the first decades, but none of us with lament about this in 20, 30 or 40 years. This is a great TBA of which only 58 liters have been produced. To Keller, this is the finest of the TBA—the lightest and finest of the Riesling trio. It won't go into the market before 2020. - Stephan Reinhardt, Aug. 2016

98 / 100

Mosel Fine Wines: The 2015er Niersteiner Hipping Trockenbeerenauslese was harvested at 180° Oechsle. It proves quite open for business as it reveals pure and very aromatic notes of pink grapefruit, candy floss, honey, candied pineapple, melon and litchi, as well as a hint of fresh raisin and spices after extensive airing. The wine develops gorgeous flavors of honey, mango and candied pineapple on the still massively sweet palate and leaves one with a stunning feeling of long in the finish. This TBA proves hugely charming right now, but make no mistake: It will only develop its full complexity in more than a decade, so patience is required. 2030-2065. - Okt. 2018

96 / 100

Vinous: This auction bottling, like its Hipping counterpart, displays a syrupy combination of viscosity, pronounced sweetness, and fruit concentration – here of white peach and orange. But there is a brighter and more animating sense of acidity (even though, analytically, that of Hipping is marginally higher), and notes of lemon and orange peel run from the prickly nose through a mouth-shakingly invigorating, piquantly accented, nearly ineradicable finish. Responding to his friend Willi Schaefer’s lifelong determination to “stop at BA” lest TBA suffer from lack of green-gold, juicy berries, Keller insists that “even with TBA you can have fruit diversity, and my Pettenthal TBA is a good example. You need to include some green-gold fruit to supply animation and tension [Spannung] but in 2015 you even had green-gold berries that had shriveled.” This Pettenthal, he said, is “the best of my 2015 vintage TBAs,” adding that “when one of my wines is bottled with a gold capsule or auctioned, that means I perceive it as superior – a couple of points higher if you will.” - David Schildknecht, Nov. 2017

Jahrgang: 2015
Herkunftsland: Deutschland
Region: Rheinhessen
Lage: Pettenthal
Prädikatsstufe: Trockenbeerenauslese
Rebsorte: Riesling
Volumen: 0,375l
Farbe: Weiß
Geschmack: edelsüß
Alkohol: 6,5% Vol.
Kennzeichnung: enthält Sulfite
Abfüller:Klaus Peter Keller, Bahnhofstraße 1, 67592 Floersheim-Dalsheim, Deutschland
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