2018 Wiltingen VOLZ Riesling Grosses Gewächs Q.b.A. trocken

Van Volxem, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer
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91+ / 100

Mosel Fine Wines: The 2018er Volz Riesling GG, as it is referred to on the main part of the label, is a legally dry wine picked on 60 year -old vines in this prime sector (classified “dark red” on old Prussian maps) of the Wiltinger Braunfels vineyard. It offers a beautiful fresh nose of grapefruit, citrus, yellow peach, pineapple, pear and smoke as well as a hint of camphor and tar, after some airing. The wine proves rather slightly off -dry rather than fully bone-dry on the palate and leaves a creamy and soft feel right into the smooth and long finish. This dry Riesling has quite some immediate appeal but should gain in presence and complexity with age. 2023-2033

91 / 100

Vinous: This is reduced in its smoky and slightly stinky memories of fermentation, but from underneath those emerge predictable scents of lime, grapefruit, white peach and apple, the elements that then lend bright juiciness on a firm but polished palate. The finish here is pointedly penetrating with sizzling citrus zest, fruit seed piquancy and a tangy crunch of seedy white currant delivering undeniable invigoration, if for now leaving a slightly jagged edge. Give this some time, though! - David Schildknecht, Juli 2020

Jahrgang: 2018
Herkunftsland: Deutschland
Region: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer
Lage: Volz
VDP Klassifizierung: VDP. Grosse Lage
Prädikatsstufe: Q.b.A. Grosses Gewächs
Rebsorte: Riesling
Volumen: 0,75l
Farbe: Weiß
Geschmack: trocken
Alkohol: 12% Vol.
Kennzeichnung: enthält Sulfite
Abfüller:Weingut Van Volxem, Zum Schlossberg 347, 54459 Wiltingen, Deutschland
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