2010 Rauenthal Nonnenberg Riesling Q.b.A.

Georg Breuer, Rheingau
3 l
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Mosel Fine Wines: The 2010er Nonnenberg, as it is referred to on the consumer label, is a legally dry Riesling (with 6 g/l of residual sugar) made from the Estate’s finest casks from this vineyard. It exhibits some magnificent smoky, earthy, and spicy scents of dried flowers, honeysuckle, tangerine, and green herbs, all joined by some subtler expressions of fruits after some airing. The wine proves full of grip and presence on the stunningly dense and intense palate. There is power and concentration, but they seem weightless. The wine rounds this off by leaving one with a beautifully lime-driven, racy, and salty feel in the finish. This remarkably very youthful Riesling will ideally benefit from another couple of years of cellaring. But it is already clear now that this is yet another classic in the making from the Georg Breuer Estate: What a success! 2025-2040. - Apr. 2020

Jahrgang: 2010
Herkunftsland: Deutschland
Region: Rheingau
Lage: Rauenthaler Nonnenberg
Prädikatsstufe: Q.b.A.
Rebsorte: Riesling
Volumen: 3l
Farbe: Weiß
Geschmack: trocken
Alkohol: 12% Vol.
Kennzeichnung: enthält Sulfite
Abfüller:Weingut Georg Breuer / Breuer OHG, Geisenheimer Straße 9, 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein, Deutschland

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